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Last Update: July 29, 2019

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New Custom Telescope Orders Have Been Suspended

Production may resume September, 2020. Please see our July 2019 Press Release for more information, as well as the video below: 


The scope is doing great. No complaints at all. For me it's a telescope of a lifetime.

TT 157, 12.5" F/5 Classic


Photo Jan 05, 3 15 59 PM.jpg

It is a work of art, not only for the great optics but also on display in our living room. Thank you!

STS 67, 8" F/5.7 Solid Tube Series


The scope has been magnificent. With good transparency the views have been nothing shy of  amazing!

TT 166, 11" F/4.5 Journey-AIR


Photo Jun 05, 3 28 07 PM.jpg

I love the scope! Everything about it is awesome, especially the rotating tube. It is my quick -look scope.

STS 52, 8" F/6, Solid Tube Series



Compared to a competitor, the Teeter is superior in design & integrated accessories. Teeter Scopes are the best!

TT 148, 10" F/7 Classic


Other than the marital discord from staying out too many nights, I couldn't be happier! It's such a beautiful scope!

TT 177, 14.5" F/4.5 Classic


Custom Telescope Manufacturing
Teeter's Telescopes, LLC., was formed in 2002, and is the banner under which we have custom-built over 200 Dobsonian Telescopes. These have ranged from 8" F/6 to 24" F/3.5 and nearly every aperture and focal length combination between. We're not your typical telescope manufacturer - we are a custom shop, building custom telescopes to your specifications.
Telescope Repairs & Restorations
We offer upgrade, repair and restoration services on most other commercially available telescopes, as well as home-built instruments. This includes major component repair/upgrade, collimation, refinishing (wood, powder coating), mirror recoating, etc. See our "Services" page for additional details.

STS16 - An 11" F/5 with an R.F. Royce conical cross-section Primary Mirror. Originally sold to a customer in New Jersey in June 2012.