Note: Custom Telescope Orders Have Been Suspended

Please see our Press Release for more information. The video at left describes in more detail how we made this decision and what the future may hold.


Also, see our April 2020 update below, specifically about In Stock telescopes for delivery 2021. 

Spring 2020, Update - The TeeterTots

In July, 2019, we announced that September 2019 would be our final definitive production run of custom telescopes. We would be taking a hiatus from accepting NEW orders after September 2019 so we could work the rest of 2019 and all of 2020 without "on boarding" new orders (a time consuming process). At this point in time (Spring 2020) we continue to work through the queue of orders we had pre- and post-July 2019. By October 2020 we hope to have all current orders "on the books" completed and in our customers' hands.


This is important because the Teeter household will be expanding in September 2020 as my wife and I welcome TWIN BOYS to the family! I anticipate many sleepless nights and very busy days coming up in Fall/Winter 2020/2021 as we adjust to this huge shift in family life. These will be our first two children and we cannot wait! Therefore, between now and this Fall I will be working - like crazy - to see all current orders to completion.

However, that is not the end of Teeter's Telescopes. We have stocked up on components for several In Stock builds that I can work on at my own pace (or more aptly, the pace the TeeterTot Twins allow me!). More information below...

In Stock Note: After all of our contracted builds are complete, we will start the telescopes below as In Stock items for sale. Completion is anticipated to be Spring 2021, which will allow me to work leisurely on them during Fall 2020/Winter 2021. The scopes are as follows:

  • Two (2) 8" F/5.7 Solid Tube Series (STS) with Zambuto Primary Mirrors (20mm thick Quartz);

  • Two (2) 10" F/5 Solid Tube Series (STS) with Zambuto Primary Mirrors (20mm thick Quartz);

  • One (1) 11" F/4.5 Solid Tube Series (STS) with Zambuto Primary Mirror (20mm thick Quartz);

  • One (1) 16" F/3.8 Journey-HD TravelScope with Lightholder Optics Primary Mirror (1.5" thick Supremax), Bright Red Cherry wood stain.

These 8", 10" and 11"  Zambuto mirrors are the last of his 20mm Quartz supply, the last of this great material at this thickness.

No other specifications have been decided such as wood stain color, focuser, finder(s), etc (aside from the 16" Journey-HD). Therefore if you believe you might be interested in one of the above telescopes for delivery in 2021, and would like to specify the wood stain color and tube color (among other specs) of your choosing, then please reach out to us to see about reserving one, but please note, "they're done when they're done."


Customers with specific deadlines or limited patience need not apply.  ;-)  The idea is that we can build these telescopes above at a non-harried pace. They will be done in 2021 but when we say they're done.  :-)



Sale Pending

2 Available


TT 157, 12.5" F/5 Classic


The scope is doing great. No complaints at all. For me it's a telescope of a lifetime.

Photo Jan 05, 3 15 59 PM.jpg

STS 67, 8" F/5.7 Solid Tube Series


It is a work of art, not only for the great optics but also on display in our living room. Thank you!

TT 166, 11" F/4.5 Journey-AIR


The scope has been magnificent. With good transparency the views have been nothing shy of  amazing!

Photo Jun 05, 3 28 07 PM.jpg

STS 52, 8" F/6, Solid Tube Series


I love the scope! Everything about it is awesome, especially the rotating tube. It is my quick -look scope.


TT 148, 10" F/7 Classic


Compared to a competitor, the Teeter is superior in design & integrated accessories. Teeter Scopes are the best!

TT 177, 14.5" F/4.5 Classic


Other than the marital discord from staying out too many nights, I couldn't be happier! It's such a beautiful scope!

Custom Telescope Manufacturing
Teeter's Telescopes, LLC., was formed in 2002, and is the banner under which we have custom-built over 200 Dobsonian Telescopes. These have ranged from 8" F/6 to 24" F/3.5 and nearly every aperture and focal length combination between. We're not your typical telescope manufacturer - we are a custom shop, building custom telescopes to your specifications.
Telescope Repairs & Restorations
We offer upgrade, repair and restoration services on most other commercially available telescopes, as well as home-built instruments. This includes major component repair/upgrade, collimation, refinishing (wood, powder coating), mirror recoating, etc. See our "Services" page for additional details.

Please note: Prices subject to change at any time. Please inquire for specific and binding price quotes for your particular project(s).

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Last Update: July 4, 2020

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TT92 - A 12.5" F/5 with a Zambuto Optical Company Primary Mirror. Originally completed for a customer in Indiana in November 2012.