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Below are several Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that we tend to be asked on a fairly frequent basis.   Please see our answers which hopefully will provide clarification on many issues.   If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly for specific information.   Thank you!


Q: Can I have my focuser and finderscope installed on the "left-hand side" of the scope, rather than the "right-hand side"?

A: We orient our focusers and finderscopes, standard, on the "right-hand side" of our Truss-Dobsonians (as viewed from the back of the structure). Why? Habit is all. We find it is purely a preference thing, not a performance or a "right or wrong" approach. We've found most people prefer the "right-hand side" and find it more natural, but there are people who cannot get comfortable with that orientation. We'll be glad to rotate the focuser and finderscope so they are on the "left-hand side" of the scope should that be your preference. There is a space on our Order Specification Forms where we request you specify your preference.


Q: Can I purchase my Teeter's Telescope unfinished and sand, stain and clear-coat it myself?


A: Yes! We realize there are amateur telescope makers in the hobby whose expertise falls more in line with sanding and staining than CAD drawing, cutting and routing. If you are tooled-up for wood finishing, then we are more than happy to construct the full Teeter's Telescopes structure and test it with the primary mirror of your choice. Your telescope would then come delivered with the major components already assembled (mirrorbox, rockerbox, UTA) and sanded down to 220-grit, but not stained or painted. Having your Teeter's Telescope delivered in this fashion can save you approximately $250-$350, depending upon aperture. Please contact us for more information.


Q: I see you only list the SkyCommander DSC unit on your Upgrades page, but can I get the ArgoNavis instead? 


A: Yes, the ArgoNavis is an available option with your Teeter's Telescope instead of the SkyCommander digital setting circle unit. As observers ourselves we prefer the SkyCommander over the ArgoNavis for several reasons, and therefore we list it as an option more prominently. If, however, you feel strongly about having the ArgoNavis unit then we'll be more than happy to install it and test it on your Teeter's Telescope. Please contact us for more information.


Q: Can I use a binoviewer with my Teeter's Telescope?


A: Teeter's Telescopes tests each scope we produce with our Denkmeier Binoviewer, Denkmeier 2" OCS, Denkmeier Dual-Arm Power Switch, and a pair of Meade Research Grade 20mm Erfles. We find this set up is representative of the majority of Denkmeier Binoviewer units sold for use on newtonians and can therefore essentially guarantee your Denkmeier unit will reach focus with your new Teeter's Telescope. We do not have access to other binoviewers on the market and cannot guarantee they will reach focus. In those instances, we request our customers to please send their binoviewer units to us during the, approximate, 2 week period while we are optically testing their scope. We find that actually mating the binoviwer to the scope and testing them together as a unit is the best way to ensure compatibility.


Q: I purchased a Teeter's Telescope used - can you make a new name-plate with my name on it?


A: Yes, we can certainly do this for you. We understand that our scopes change hands over the years and that as the new owner you probably don't want the "other guy's" name on your new scope. Please contact us to let us know the aperture, focal length, and model Teeter's Telescope you've purchased, and how you would like your name spelled on the name-plate and we will have a new one engraved for you. Current 2013 pricing for this service is $60.00/shipped in the Continental United States and turn around time is approximately 2 weeks. Please see our Order page for payment options.

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