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Built by, and for, Astronomers

Meet The Team

Robert Teeter

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Owner and founder of Teeter's Telescopes. Rob is the chief designer, fabricator, builder, customer relations manager, marketing manager, website manager, social media manager, etc.. Basically, wearer of many hats (not just the one above)!

Heather Teeter

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Founder of "Shrouds by Heather"  and seamstress of all scope things sewn, including shrouds, tube caps, and truss pole carry cases. If you own one of our Truss-Dobs, you can thank Heather for that form fitting, curve hugging light shroud!

Alex Caillie

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Master wood finisher, artist and workshop funny man. If your Teeter's Telescope has wood stain, sealer, polyurethane and paint on it (which it should!) then it was most likely artfully applied by this character while keeping the mood light in the shop.

Teeter's Telescopes, Cast & Crew

Teeter's Telescopes is currently comprised of husband and wife, Robert Teeter (Owner) and Heather Teeter (seamstress and quality control; President of Shrouds by Heather) and contractor Alex Caillie (master wood finisher). When calling or Emailing Teeter's Telescopes, you will speak with either Rob or Heather, not a receptionist or telemarketer. We believe we can better serve our customers when it is a principal of the company answering the phone and answering your inquiries. We look forward to speaking with you and helping to design your next telescope purchase!

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Proudly Serving You for 20 Years!

Teeter's Telescopes, LLC., was born out of the desire to provide fellow amateur astronomers with quality products that yield the best possible views of the night sky. We use only what we deem to be the highest quality materials in the construction of all of our products. We have been in the Telescope Making arena for the last 16 years (11 professionally) and in that time we have seen our creations showcased at the Stellafane Telescope Making Convention, Vermont (award pictured below), for innovativeness and craftsmanship and also at the Mason-Dixon Star Party for craftsmanship (1st Place - 1998). Our products have also been featured in Astronomy Technology Today Magazine.


The majority of the work done on our products takes place "in-house" in our Northern New Jersey workshop, or what we like to call the "Saw Dust Factory!" We pride ourselves on the finish of our products, therefore the majority of the time spent is on the product's finish (sanding, staining and varnishing). The work that is not done in our shop is done by a local cabinet shop, with whom we work closely.  Their access to large professional quality CNC machines, table saws, bandsaws, mitre saws, router tables and a whole host of other professional-class tools, jigs and accessories guarantees our wooden products are made to the highest standards.


Star People Square.jpg

Our Cover: This issue’s cover features our Star Person Rob Teeter of Teeter’s Telescopes. We have an extended interview with Rob about his background, telescopes and what it is like being a professional telescope maker. Read about Rob’s astro adventures in “Star People” 

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