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Repair/Upgrade Services Currently Include:
  • Newtonian/Dobsonian Collimation & Collimation Lessons (in person)

  • Light Shroud Replacements

  • Focuser Replacements

  • Finderscope Replacements

  • Secondary Mirror Dew Heater Installations

  • Filter Slide Installations

  • Digital Setting Circle (DSC) & Encoder Installations/Repairs

  • Primary/Secondary Mirror Recoating/Aluminizing Coordination

  • Primary Mirror Cooling Fan Repairs/Installations

  • Installing Primary Mirror Boundary Layer Cooling Fans

  • General Repairs/Upgrades (Inquire for your specific project)

Models of Telescopes We've Serviced Include:
  • Obsession

  • StarMaster

  • AstroSky

  • AstroSystems

  • New Moon

  • Orion / Meade / Celestron / Apertura / Explore Scientic, etc.

  • Home Made / Amateur Telescope Maker

Have one of the 300+ TeeterScope telescopes currently out in the world? We service those too of course! We love getting the telescopes we designed and built back into the workshop for a freshening up. OR, are you thinking about selling your TeeterScope and need/want us to do some repairs prior to the sale? Or have you just purchased a secondhand TeeterScope and want it looked over? WE'RE HERE FOR YOU!
We do NOT offer Maintenance & Repairs service on Antique/Brass/Spyglass Type Telescopes at this Time. Inquiring about such service will result in a non-response from us.

Replacement parts simply do not exist for them and making one-off replacements is extremely cost prohibitive. Further, working on those telescopes poses a financial liability risk for us beyond which we're comfortable. 
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Our Standard Shop Rate is $75/hour and Repair/Upgrade Services are estimated based upon labor and parts for each specific job. 

Please also keep in mind that if you are not within driving distance of our Northern New Jersey Facility you will have to ship your telescope/parts to us, of which you will be responsible for the cost both ways.  

For larger/heavier telescopes outside of driving distance from us, we obviously suggest you investigate more local solutions first.  If no such other options exist we are more than happy to guide you as to how best to prepare your telescope/parts for shipping.
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