We do NOT offer Maintenance & Repairs service on Antique/Brass/Spyglass Type Telescopes at this Time. Inquiring about such service will result in a non-response from us.

Replacement parts simply do not exist for them and making one-off replacements is extremely cost prohibitive. Further, working on those telescopes poses a liability risk for us beyond which we're comfortable. 
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At this time we ONLY work
Newtonian and/or
Dobsonian telescopes. 


We're not just familiar with our own telescopes, but also those from other manufacturers. Whether a classic telescope from a company long since out of business or a modern day computerized telescope, we can help you value what you have.  This also includes eyepieces, lenses, cameras, binoculars, antique books and other astronomy-related paraphernalia



We know, life happens and things come up. Your once prized telescope now resides in the closet, basement or attic and while still functional, could use some TLC.  Allow us to help revive your telescope, whether it's cleaning, calibrating, collimating, adjusting, etc., we can bring it back to fully functional.  In some cases, this services even leads to a telescope that functions better than new.



New to the hobby of astronomy?  Interested but don't know where to begin with regard to equipment?  Already have a telescope but unsure of how to use it or where in the sky to point it?  Book a one-on-one Telescope Tutorial at our manufacturing facility to learn which telescope is right for you or how to properly use the telescope you already have.