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Featured Standard Truss-Dob Components

                                 Component                                                                Virtues of this Component

Right Angle

Tongue &


Wood Joints

Typically used to join flat wood boards together, as in making large table tops, we have taken the tongue and groove (T&G) and modified it to create a 90 degree corner. This method for building boxes adds strength and rigidity not found in other types of wood joinery. Every rockerbox and mirrorbox for our telescopes employs a dado'ed groove that a matching dado'ed tongue slips into, at right angles to one another. These T&G cuts are professionally machined and yield no slop or play when employed. 


During assembly of our telescopes outdoor grade wood glue is used to further enhance the strength of this connection. The T&G yields more surface area which translates to more "Glue Surface Area" which means more holding power within that corner joint. We also employ brad nails to keep everything held together during the drying process. The nails are countersunk and wood-filled. They virtually disappear after wood stain, sealer and polyurethane/varnish are applied. 


See our video at left for more specifics on how we use this type of wood joinery. You'll see that after assembly, this 90-degree T&G can be confused with the inferior butt-joint from a visual standpoint. But rest assured we would never use the weak and ineffective means of a butt-joint to build our telescopes. We've done our research, consulted with professional cabinet makers, spoke with other telescope builders and concluded the T&G is the best combination of strength, longevity and efficiency during the build process. We know you'll be pleased with how your Teeter's Telescope is constructed.

Truss Ring




Standard on all Truss-Dobsonians 12.0" and larger. This oustanding innovation allows the user to keep their scope assembled into two major sections, which allows for quicker assembly in the field as compared with other similar Truss-Dobsonian designs. As shown at left, the scope can be transported or stored ready for use in this configuration.


This feature is also a welcome relief for our taller scopes, such as the 20" F/4.5 where installation of the Upper Tube Assembly (UTA) on top of the truss poles would require a ladder. With the "Truss Ring," the UTA can be placed on top of the truss poles while standing on the ground. Please see our Video describing our "Truss Ring" system.

Flotation Support   Primary Mirror Cells

9-point (for 10" aperture) or 18-point (for 12.5"-20" apertures) powder coated aluminum primary mirror flotation support cells.


Our standard design allows the mirror cell to "tailgate" or "tip out" for easy installation and removal of the primary mirror. The cell pivots from the lower "rung" and is held in place by two 5/16" bolts with acorn nuts on the face-side of the mirrorbox.


Our standard design also includes a Kevlar lower-edge sling support.


Three eccentric side bumpers keep your primary mirror centered in the mirrorbox while rubberized mirror clips keep the mirror from tipping out of the cell.


Note, these cells are fabricated from aluminum square tubing and u-channel, utilizing rivets for joinery, versus steel and welding. The aluminum allows for a lighterweight cell and the rivets, which provide great strength, are less labor intensive which allow us to provide these cells at lower cost yet retain every bit of structural stability of their heavier welded steel counterparts.


Pictured at left are a Glatter Cable Sling and Primary Mirror Cooling Fan, available as Upgrades.


See Video at left for more information.

We have discriminately chosen CATSEYE center spots for application to all our scope Primaries and confidently recommend CATSEYE passive tools and accessories for your collimation needs to enable you to get the best possible performance from our products - See the CATSEYE Site for more info on these collimation tools:

CatsEye Center Spots

Astrosystems 4-vane Spiders

Astrosystems rigid 4-vane Spider and Secondary Mirror Holder with four-point collimation adjustment. Custom-made and sized for your tube, utilizing high-tensile steel TIG welded at the hub, giving the vanes extra stability.  The threaded stainless steel vane tips (#10-32) are solidly TIG welded to the vanes, making this the strongest spider on the market. 



Astrosystems' DewGuard heater is available as an Upgrade.

Antares Optics Secondary Mirrors

Antares Optics 1/20 P-V Secondary Mirrors with 96% enhanced reflectivity aluminum and SiO overcoat. Each mirror is supplied with a Zygo test report. Antares has the following to say about their mirrors, "All Antares Optics secondary mirrors are manufactured to an ultra radical surface accuracy. Each piece is tested before and after the coating process. By using Standard reference surfaces, and a 1/30 wave PV Dynaflect reference surface, our Zygo GPI interferometers can measure highly reflective coated surfaces. Giving you certifiable proof of it's flatness, before and after it has been coated."


Antares Optics 1/30 P-V Secondary Mirrors are available as an Upgrade.

Moonlite 2"/1.25" Crayford Focusers

Moonlite 2"/1.25" Single Speed Crayford Focusers with 1.25" eyepiece adapters, and 2" and 1.25" brass compression rings. Your choice of focuser colors include Black, Red, Green, Blue and Gold.


Dual Speed focusers from Moonlite and StarLight Instruments available as Upgrades.

Rigel Systems' QuickFinder

Rigel Systems QuickFinder reflex finders. A lightweight zero-power finder.


A Telrad is available as a no cost swap, while optical finderscopes are available as Upgrades or in addition to a QuickFinder or a Telrad.

Choice of Wood Stain Colors

Complete Baltic Birch Truss and Solid Tube Structures (Upper Tube Assembly, Focuser-board, Finder-board, Mirrorbox, Rockerbox, Altitude Bearings, Ground board); Including Ultra Gloss finish and choice of Natural, Maple and Cherry stains.

Internal Mirrorbox Baffling 

Internal, velvet-lined, Mirrorbox baffling and structural component consisting of 1/2" Baltic Birch plywood "dado'ed" into place.


This acts both to make your mirrorbox super rigid and act as a "knife edge" baffle to knock down stray light from entering the optical pathway from behind the primary mirror.

Dual Boundary Layer Cooling Fans

Dual Boundary Layer 12-volt Cooling Fans which pull ambient air into the mirrorbox and vent through a pattern of ventilation holes on opposing side of mirrorbox, effectively "scrubbing" the turbulent boundary layer away and allowing you to start observing earlier in the evening instead of waiting for the boundary layer to dissipate naturally.


We suggest running the Dual Boundary Layer Cooling Fans for approxiately 30-40 minutes prior to observing, which should yield a fully acclimated telescope at that point.


Power Distribution System

We have chosen the DewBuster Controller as standard equipment on our telescopes for organized splitting of 12-volt power to various accessories.


Power from a battery source enters the DewBuster and then is split out via the various ports to electronics such as dew heaters, setting circles, cooling fans, etc.


Each unit has a unique serial number and is guaranteed for 5 years from DewBuster.

Light Shrouds

Professionally sewn (Shrouds by Heather) Nylon/Lycra-blend Light Shroud. Standard color is Black for all Teeter's Telescopes, but additional colors available upon request (see website).

Truss Pole Carry Cases

Truss Pole Carry Case (Shrouds by Heather). Standard color is Black for all Teeter's Telescopes, but additional colors available upon request (see website).

Engraved Brass Name Plate

Engraved, brass, name plate with customer's full name and scope Aperture and Focal Length.

Hardware Package Choice

Complete brass package (corner protectors, handles, acorn nuts, shoulder washers, mirrorbox counterweight hooks, UTA strut bolts, etc.). Black Hardware and Nickel/Chrome Hardware Packages available as options.

Black Velvet Light Trap in Upper Tube Assembly

Velvet light-trap across from focuser in Upper Tube Assembly to help yield a rich, dark, contrasty starfield when observing through the scope.

Moonlite Ball & Socket Lower Truss Connectors

Moonlite Telescope Accessories' "Ball & Socket" Truss Connectors make a positive, repeatable, long lasting connection at the lower end of the truss structure.

Aurora Precision Upper Truss Connectors

Aurora Precision's machined/anodized aluminum upper Truss Connectors are the latest and greatest product for making a rigid connection between the upper end of the truss structure and your upper tube assembly (UTA).  "Registration Pins" and matching through-holes in the assembly ensures your UTA is installed the same way every time, reducing the need for re-collimation from observing session to observing session.

Anodized Aluminum Truss Poles

Moonlite Telescope Accessories' 1.00" O.D. black-anodized Truss Poles on our 10" scopes, and 1.250" O.D. black-anodized Truss Poles on our 12.5"-20" scopes.

Virgin Teflon with Center Pad for Azimuth

Fully round groundboard with three virgin Teflon pads, located at 120-degree separation, with a fourth central pad for smooth azimuth motion. The fourth pad, which takes some of the load of the scope, reduces the load taken by the three outer pads, thus decreasing friction allowing for a scope that is easier to slew by hand.


Altitude axis also utilizes vigin Teflon pads.

Black FRP Bearing Material

Black Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP), the new industry-standard now that Ebony Star laminate has been discontinued, is utilized on both azimuth and altitude axes.  When combined with virgin Teflon the motions are smooth and free.

Custom Matched Wheelbarrow Handles

Wheelbarrow handles with 10" pneumatic tires included with 14" and larger scopes, finished to match the rest of your scope structure.

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