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Let us bring your new Teeter's Telescope right to your door! We now offer in-person delivery to those customers within approximately 500 miles of our shop (greater distances, please inquire). The benefits of this option include, but are not limited to:


  • No assembly - by you - required!  Your Teeter's Telescope comes assembled with the primary mirror installed, ServoCat drive system in place (if applicable to your order), properly collimated, and all nuts/bolts properly tensioned and tightened;

  • Teeter's Telescopes owner and fellow amateur astronomer, Rob Teeter, will walk you through the typical "field assembly" process in person;

  • Rob will give hints/tips/tricks for set up, take down and general maintenance so you can make the most of your new Teeter's Telescope;

  • For those new to Newtonians and/or Truss-Dobsonians, Rob can also provide a tutorial on collimation;

  • Your Teeter's Telescope will be transported with the utmost care, instead of being jostled around by FedEx on the road and/or rail;

  • In-person Delivery can work out to be less expensive than packing, shipping and insurance, particularly for our 16" and larger apertures; and,

  • No wear & tear on your vehicle to come to us - we'll come to you!

A flat $150.00 delivery charge is billed to help offset our time away from the shop while in transit, on top of round-trip mileage from Zip Code 07435 billed according to the current IRS Standard Mileage Rate, which as of 2017 is $0.545/mile.
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