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A satisfied customer takes delivery of his new 17.5" Teeter's Telescope TT/Custom from us at the Northeast Astronomy Forum.

Testing Process

Not only are all Teeter's Telescopes custom built, they are also tested optically and mechanically before shipment/delivery to each customer. Scopes are tested a minimum of two nights with average or better seeing conditions and average or better transparency. A range of magnifications are used to ensure that the scope focuses brilliantly with that telltale focus "snap". Eyepieces yielding 50x to 60x per inch of aperture are used to "dial-in" the collimation, square the focuser and confirm no gross defects in either the primary or secondary mirrors. Scope rigidity is also checked to determine if any change in collimation exists as the scope is moved through altitude and azimuth axes. If so, the scope is brought back into the workshop and is reworked until collimation is solid from horizon to horizon, and horizon to zenith.


We have discriminately chosen the CATSEYE passive collimation tools (particularly the 2-pupil INFINITY XLK autocollimator) with which we collimate every Teeter's Telescope prior to testing in the field. CATSEYE center spots are applied to all of our scope primaries and we confidently recommend CATSEYE passive tools and accessories for your collimation needs to enable you to get the best possible performance from your Teeter's Telescope.


In addition, all other accessories are scrutinized for proper functionality and quality prior to shipment of your finished Teeter's Telescope. This includes all Digital Setting Circle (DSC) installations, whether SkyCommander or ArgoNavis, and ServoCat Go-to installations. We'll use these systems under the stars for a minimum of two nights to ensure accuracy. Furthermore, all optical finderscopes are inspected visually for defects in glass and coating, while all electronics are powered-up and tested as well. We want your Teeter's Telescope to function perfectly "out of the box" when you take delivery of it, so we do everything we can on our end to ensure that that happens.

Our Guarantee

In addition, our guarantee of optical and mechanical satisfaction does not expire once your scope leaves the Teeter's Telescopes workshop, it extends for the life of the scope (no matter changes in ownership). Should a non-major component* fail during the life of the scope, Teeter's Telescopes will replace it free of charge**. Our aim is to provide an enjoyable observing experience for all who own and use our telescopes, so it is our pleasure to extend this guarantee to all previous and current Teeter's Telescopes customers and all future customers as well.


*Components NOT covered under our free-replacement guarantee include: Primary and secondary mirrors, spider and secondary holders, primary mirror cells, focusers and finderscopes. Warrantees for these components are granted through the specific component vendors. Any and all correspondence regarding damage and/or failure of these components during the life of the scope should be initiated through Teeter's Telescopes, but will include these vendors as well, so as to reach a timely and amicable resolution for scope owner and vendor alike.


**The scope owner will only be required to pay shipping and insurance costs for delivery of the replacement component(s). Such replacement policy is on a case-by-case basis and the specific circumstances will be evaluated prior to shipment of replacement component(s), and is solely at the discretion of Teeter's Telescopes.


Note: For "Blind Builds" where the customer does not supply us with their optics, we can make no guarantees with regard to balance of the telescope or to proper focus-point location. We try our best but there is nothing like having the actual optics within the telescope structure to find and remedy any and all kinks. Please notify us before placing your order if you do not plan to send in your optics or have us purchase optics directly.

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