Please note, yes it is true, we are no longer taking new orders. Thanks to our great customers for 20 amazing years in business! We are completing standing orders, then building one final In-Stock 13.1" F/4.5 and then will be moving onto other endeavors (work and personal). See the main page of this website for more details.


Teeter's Telescopes strives to produce Newtonian telescopes that meet the needs of all amateur astronomers, thus we have established the product lines below.  They encompass our capabilities as well as cater to the most popular and sought after apertures, focal ratios and design aspects.  However, should you not see what you like, please inquire for a custom quote.

Solid Tube Series (S.T.S.)


8" F/5.7, 10" F/5 and 11" F/4.5

- Solid Aluminum Tubes, Dobsonian Mounts

- Fast Set-up and Break-down Times

- "Grab and Go"

- Adjustable Balance "On the Fly"

- Fully Rotatable Optical Tube Assemblies




- Portable Truss-Dobsonian Design

- 10" F/6, 12.5" F/5, 15" F/4.5, 18" F/4.5, 20" F/4.5

- Our Most Popular Apertures & Focal Ratios

- "Truss Ring" Standard Feature

- Dual Boundary Layer Cooling Fans, Industry First

- Primary Mirrors from Zambuto and Lightholder



- Portable Truss-Dobsonian Design

- 16" F/3.7, 18" F/3.7, 20" F/3.5, 22" F/3.3

- Feet on the Ground Observing, No Ladders

- Robust Structures for Rigid Collimation

- Stunning Widefield Observing

- Primary Mirrors Exclusively from Lightholder Optics




- Highly Portable, Lightweight, "Travel Scope"

- 10" F/5, Utilizing GSO Primary Mirrors

- Packs Away Into One Travel Case

- "Observatory in a Box"

- Customizations Available

- Primary Mirror Upgrades Available