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Upgrades & Accessories

Every Teeter's Telescope comes with a multitude of Standard Components but there may still  be other upgrades and accessories you would like to add to your order to truly make your telescope yours. Don't see a specific item you are looking for?   Please inquire and we will be happy to discuss adding it to your Teeter's Telescope.


Under-Primary Cooling Fan Pkg.

After our exclusive Dual Boundary-Layer Cooling Fans (standard on every Teeter's Telescopes Truss-Dob) have done their job of bringing your primary mirror to ambient temperature (while simultaneously scrubbing the image degrading and turbulent boundary layer above your mirror), let our Under-Primary Cooling Fan help *keep* your mirror at ambient temperature.  Next to poor collimation, poor thermal management is the number one killer of sharp views.   We use NoiseBlocker Fans, designed and built in Germany, these are the longest lasting, lowest vibration and lowest noise fans available on the commercial market. Run your Under-Primary Fan all night long without fear of degrading the image at the eyepiece. Comes with On/Off switch and fully wired to use "out of the box."  Fan draw is only 0.09 amps at 12-volts, providing 37.1 CFM at only 18 dB volume.

10" - 18" Truss-Dobs: $75.00 (Single Fan)

20" - 22" Truss-Dobs: $135.00 (Dual Fans)


STS: Included as Standard Equipment

Journey: Included as Standard Equipment

Secondary Mirror Dew Heater & Wiring Pkg.

A necessity on your Teeter's Telescopes Truss-Dob in areas prone to dewy conditions. Built with dual temperature sensors that compare the actual temperature of the secondary mirror to the surrounding air, this heater only runs when it needs to.   It turns itself on and off automatically, saving you battery power in the field.  Our installation includes the heater, a "Quick Release" plug and socket on your spider, ultra-flat wire to bring 12-volt power (not 9v power from a wimpy household battery) across one of the spider vanes (without adding significant diffraction - compare that to how our competitors wire their heaters using much thicker wires across the vane and into the light path), RCA plug on your Upper Tube Assembly and matching RCA cable running up one of your truss poles to bring power to the heater from the battery source.

Truss-Dobs: $150.00


STS: N/A (We find secondary mirrors in our Solid Tube Series scopes do not dew up because of how far the end of the tube continues beyond the location of the secondary mirror).

Journey: $175.00 (includes a minor modification to the secondary mirror holder and the 3-vane curved spider)

ServoCat Go-To/Track System & DSC Stalk Pkg.

Add Go-To and Tracking capabilities to your new Teeter's Telescope with the ServoCat from StellarCat.  This system adds servo-drive motors, one for each of the two telescope axes, which are controlled by the main ServoCat unit.   No more nudging the telescope by hand to keep the object in the field of view, your telescope will track and unlike equatorial platforms there is _no_ resetting the ServoCat drive every 45-60 minutes.  The ServoCat works seamlessly with the Nexus digital setting circle (DSC) unit, required for proper ServoCat function.  


The ServoCat is also a Go-To system where simply pressing the "GoTo" button on the included handpad will tell the telescope to move automatically to the object you have selected in your DSC unit. Pricing also includes the Markless DSC Stalk II so both the ServoCat handpad and DSC unit are at an ergonomic position, always "at the ready," and to help manage various wires for a neat and tidy installation.  ServoCat comes fully installed and tested under actual observing conditions in the field to ensure proper operation.

Truss-Dobs (12"/12.5"/13.1", ServoCat Jr.): $2,700.00

Truss-Dobs (14" - 22", ServoCat): $2,950.00


*The Nexus DSC Unit from below must also be added for the ServoCat to function.



Journey: N/A

Digital Setting Circles & Hi-Res Encoders Pkg.

For some of us clear skies are a fleeting experience, so spend more time observing through the eyepiece than star-hopping and hunting.  Adding a digital setting circle (DSC) unit to your new Teeter's Telescope will give you access to tens of thousands of objects simply by entering their catalog number and pressing "Enter."   DSCs are considered a Push-To solution meaning they will tell you where to point your telescope but you must move the telescope and hand-track the objects yourself.  Motorized Go-To and Tracking capabilities are available with the addition of the ServoCat system above.


To use a DSC system, simply point your telescope to two bright stars in the alignment star catalog (Polaris and Altair in the Summer, for example), enter the date and you're set! Next, select the catalog and catalog number of the object you want to observe and then DSC will tell you how many degrees to move the telescope in each axis until you reach "all zeros" at which point the object will be within the field of view.  Simple!


We supply the best DSC unit on the market, the Nexus DSC from AstroDevices. Why is it considered so? Based on the features below:

  • Red OLED graphical display

  • Full numeric tactile keypad

  • Practically unlimited number of celestial objects in its database*

  • Internal rechargeable Lithium battery

  • Built-in GPS receiver

  • Powerful Identify and Tour modes

  • Multi-point telescope pointing analysis system

  • Supports up to 64GB microSD cards

  • WiFi-interface to your tablet/smartphone/laptop

  • User catalogues (practically unlimited) can be added and used

  • Can be charged/powered from an external 5-16V DC power source 


The Nexus system includes a pair of high resolution encoders (10,000-step) from US Digital, encoder cabling and all necessary hardware to adapter the encoders to your Teeter's Telescope. Systems are also fully tested prior to delivery.

Truss-Dobs, STS & Journey: $690.00

Digital Setting Circles Mounting Bracket

For those purchasing the Nexus DSC, **without** a ServoCat system, we highly recommend this accessory.  Our DSC Mounting Bracket gives you a convenient place to mount the main controller box of either system that is readily accessible and ergonomic.


The Bracket articulates, allowing it to be turned, angled, tipped and tilted for the optimal usage location.  Your DSC controller box attaches to the Mounting Bracket using hook and loop.   The Bracket itself can be fully removed or simply laid flat so as to be out of the way during transport and storage.   This is a far better solution than mounting the DSC controller box on your Upper Tube Assembly on your new Truss-Dob because that puts extraneous light right where you want your dark-adapted eyes to be seeing galaxies that are millions of light years away.


Keep your DSC box down on the mirrorbox of your Truss-Dob (or tube cradle of your STS), which keeps you from having to drape DSC cables all over your scope.

Truss-Dobs, STS & Journey: $75.00

Single/Dual Battery, Cabling & Charger Pkg.

Depending upon which upgrades and accessories you select, your Teeter's Telescope will require some form of 12-volt power supplied to it.  We offer both single and dual battery packages, each of which contains one or two (respectively) rechargeable 12-volt 9 amphour (AH) sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries, 800 milliamp (mA) float-type charger (no worries about over-charging your batteries!) and all necessary cabling to go between these battery sources and your telescope.  These packages are literally plug-n-play ready.   


Select the Single Battery Package if you are only going to be powering cooling fans and one dew heater (eg. secondary mirror dew heater).   Select the Dual Battery Package if you will be powering more components, especially if you are adding the ServoCat GoTo/Track system to your new Teeter's Telescope.  Also consider the Dual Battery Package if you will be observing with your telescope for long weekends or away from places to recharge.  Always have one battery fully charged and ready to swap in when the first battery runs low.


Batteries ride "on board" (eg. on the floor of the rockerbox) in most 14" and larger Teeter's Telescopes, or in an external battery shelf (sold separately) in telescopes smaller than 14", that hangs from the front of the rockerbox. This battery shelf can also be added to larger scopes to put one battery in an easily accessible location. 

Truss-Dobs & STS (Single Battery Package): $115.00


Truss-Dobs & STS (Dual Battery Package): $135.00

Journey: N/A


External Battery Shelf for One Battery (necessary for telescopes smaller than 14.5" and a nice option for larger telescopes so the battery is in an easily accessible location): $40.00

Powered Ground Board Pkg. with Install

Want more power than even our Dual Battery Package provides?  Consider having us install StellarCat's Powered Ground Board (PGB) on your new Teeter's Telescope.  This allows the use of a larger power supply (eg. Marine Deep Cycle battery or RV battery) that can be situated away from your telescope (without causing a cord wrap issue), as such a large battery would be too large to ride "on board" your telescope like our smaller batteries.   Power goes from your battery, through a plug in one of the feet of your groundboard, up through the center azimuth axis pivot in the floor of your rockerbox and then splits from there to the various 12-volt components.  


*Note: This upgrade is best specified when you place your order as modifying your telescope later to accept the various components for this is difficult and not as clean an install as doing it from the beginning.

Truss-Dobs: $275.00



Journey: N/A


Moonlite Single-Speed Crayford Focuser

This single-speed Crayford focuser is our "base" focuser included on all of our Truss-Dobs.  We have used nearly all commercially available Crayford focusers and feel that Moonlite's offering is the best single-speed option available and best matches our committment to quality and ease of use.  Standard specifications include brass compression rings for 2" and 1.25" eyepieces, 1.25" adapter with 2" filter threads (so you can use 2" filters with 1.25" eyepieces), and 1.5" of travel to accommodate the focus range of most eyepieces currently available.

Truss-Dobs: Included as Standard Equipment


STS: Included as Standard Equipment

Journey: Included as Standard Equipment

Moonlite Dual-Speed Crayford Focuser

For serious planetary and lunar work, most observers prefer a focuser with both coarse and fine focus modes. The fine focus adjustment (8:1 reduction) on the Moonilte Dual-Speed Crayford Focuser allows the user to zero-in on fine details in Jupiter's cloud bands, and ridges and valleys on the Moon, more easily than the Single-Speed version.  The Dual-Speed Crayford focuser also includes brass compression rings for 2" and 1.25" eyepieces, 1.25" adapter with 2" filter threads (so you can use 2" filters with 1.25" eyepieces), and 1.5" of travel to accommodate the focus range of most eyepieces currently available.

Truss-Dobs, STS & Journey: $100.00

Starlight Instruments Feathertouch Focuser

When only the best will do, the Starlight Feathertouch focuser is there! Regarded as the finest focuser commercially available, the Feathertouch offers a 10:1 fine-focus reduction. Materials utilized throughout the construction include stainless steel, brass and anodized aluminum. Standard specifications also include 2" and 1.25" compression rings so as not to mar the barrels of your eyepieces, 1.25" adapter with 2" threads (so you can use 2" filters with 1.25" eyepieces) and the ability to rotate the focuser independent of its mounting base (to allow you to angle the focus knobs to the most comfortable position).  


We now include Starlight's new oversized fine-focus knob standard for even greater gear reduction!  Never let best-focus elude you again.

Truss-Dobs: $500.00


STS (including custom curved base adapter): $510.00

Journey (Lightweight version): $575.00

Starlight Instruments' Focuser Dust Cap (w/ dessicant): $60.00

*Great for pairing with our STS scopes to keep your optics dry!


Antares Optics 1/30 P-V Secondary Mirrors

Every Teeter's Telescope Truss-Dob comes with a 1/20 P-V secondary mirror from Antares Optics (STS's come with a 1/15 P-V from Antares Optics), which is typically accurate enough to not be the "bottleneck" (or, weakest link) in the optical system.  However, there are instances when the primary mirror may be believed to be better than that, in which case a 1/30 P-V (the smoothest secondary mirrors on the market) upgrade is in order.  


Like the standard 1/20 P-V (or, 1/15 P-V), the 1/30 P-V secondary mirrors from Antares Optics are also coated with protected 96% reflectivity aluminum and come fully Zygo tested ensuring you have the best possible secondary mirror available.  

Truss-Dobs & STS: $30.00 - $100.00 (dependent upon aperture and focal ratio, exact pricing quoted at time of order).

Glatter Cable Sling Primary Mirror Support

All Teeter's Telescopes Truss-Dobs come standard with a heavyweight Polypropylene "strap" as the lower edge sling support system for the primary mirror.  Such a set up is the industry standard.  However, such a system isn't perfect and does have a few problem areas.  The next generation of primary mirror support systems is here with the Glatter Cable Sling upgrade.  Instead of a "strap", this system employs a 1/8" diameter steel cable which rests on the center of gravity (COG) of the mirror.  This systems takes care of the main problem with "strap slings" - sling slippage. Strap slings can unwind themselves and they can drop off the edge of the mirror entirely, leaving you to fix the problem in the dark. Such sling issues with our competitors' telescopes are well documented.  Don't mess around with double-sided tape and always double-checking that your sling is in place. Instead, upgrade to the Glatter Cable Sling.


Price includes the Cable Sling System and our installation/adjustment.  Note, once we set the sling to the proper length (such that your primary mirror is centered in the mirrorbox) here at our shop, you need not adjust it any further yourself.   We like to say, "We set it so you can forget it!"


Howie Glatter, creator of this awesome innovation had this to say about the Cable Sling System:


"[Our system] uses wire rope in order to eliminate sling stretch. Stainless steel wire rope, plastic-jacketed to provide a cushion between metal and glass, provides an almost ideal sling material. With adequately sized wire rope, stretch under the mirror's weight is negligible. With the narrow cable it is easy to ensure that the sling acts at the plane of the mirror's center of mass. Small self-adhesive Velcro guide strips, forming a notch for the cable, are placed on the mirror edge at the bottom and sides keeping the sling in place front-to-back."  Howie goes on to say:


"I replace the usual split sling bolts with hardened stainless steel shafts and hang the sling from low friction linear ball bearings that ride on the shafts. The sling support points move with the mirror when it is adjusted forward or backward, and the sling always hangs straight down onto the mirror, parallel to the mirror plane, eliminating out-of-plane forces and the resulting 'aslingmatism.'"

Truss-Dobs: As of 2018, Now Included as Standard Equipment!



Journey: N/A

Starlight Instruments/Televue "SIPS"

The "SIPS", or Starlight Integrated Paracorr System, is the latest innovation for correcting the coma present in the Newtonian optical systems employed in all Teeter's Telescopes. The SIPS is an integrated focuser mounted version of the TeleVue Paracorr Type II.  This version of the Paracorr Type II coma corrector functions only with the Starlight Instruments' Feathertouch focuser, making this the ultimate coma corrector.


The advantage of the SIPS (versus the standard TeleVue Paracorr Type II, which you take in and out of your focuser like a barlow) is that there's no need to fumble in the dark (or hold your flashlight in your mouth!) to make sure each eyepiece you use is at the correct setting in the Paracorr.  No more trying to remember if that eyepiece should be at setting "A" or "D" for optimal coma correction.  With the SIPS, we set the integrated Paracorr II to the focal plane of the telescope here at our shop and then you simply use your eyepieces, as if the Paracorr isn't even there, by focusing them as you normally would with the fine and coarse focus knobs.  It is really an elegant design!


But, we understand this system isn't for everybody.   While you can leave the Paracorr in place and collimate "through it" using laser collimation tools, you cannot do that if you prefer passive collimation tools, such as a Sight Tube, Chesire and Autocollimator. Removing the Paracorr from the SIPS isn't difficult (we replace all the included setscrews with thumbscrews), but it is another step and more parts to fumble with.  Therefore, we also offer the standard Paracorr Type II that is easily removable.  This option is also good if you plan on using the Paracorr on multiple instruments and if you choosing one of the Moonlite focuser options, as they are not compatible with the SIPS currently.







Truss-Dobs, STS & Journey (SIPS): $765.00


Truss-Dobs, STS & Journey (Standard Paracorr Type II): $495.00


*Note: The price above for the SIPS does not include the price of the Feathertouch focuser, which is additional.

Tube Joiner Set for "Collapsible Truss Poles"

Designed with our Journey-AIR travelscope telescope in mind, the addition of Aurora Precision's "Tube Joiners" allows each truss pole to be broken down into two sections, reducing their overall length. The truss pole sections simply thread and unthread from each other using threaded studs on the end of each Tube Joiner that mesh with corresponding threaded inserts in the pole ends.


Delrin and stainless steel construction of the Tube Joiners means they'll stand up to being assembled and disassembled time and again, along with yielding a connection as rigid as the original truss pole. Journey-AIR utilizes 1" and 7/8" diameter truss pole sections. Price below includes eight (8) Aurora Precision TJ0875's with all necessary hardware and installation.

Truss-Dobs: N/A



Journey: $195.00


Wood Upper Tube Assembly (UTA) Liner

Standard equipment on every Teeter's Telescopes' Truss-Dobsonian is our black UTA liner. This has served us well over the years and continues to do so. However, we recently had a customer request that the black liner be swapped out for a natural wood liner to give his telescope even more visual appeal. We were skeptical at first, having always used our black material, but upon completion and stepping back from his telescope to "take it all in" - we love it! The look is unique and adds a totally different "feel" to the appearance of the telescope.  


Unlike some of our other aesthetic upgrades, this is not entirely aesthetic. The Wood UTA Liner adds more structural rigidity to the top-end of the telescope as well as resisting warping, denting and cracking to which ALL other UTA liner materials are subject. The ever popular "Kydex" material that some of our competitors use will warp and dent simply by sitting in direct sunlight (e.g., at a Star Party) for too long. The laminate that we use while more robust than Kydex, with regard to resisting warping and denting from heat exposure, is subject to cracking if something pointed is accidentally hit against it.  The Wood UTA Liner if hit with the same force will resist cracking and can easily be touched up without having to be sent back for repair.


Our Wood UTA Liner can be finished to either match or contrast the wood stain of the rest of your scope, or can be painted black to give the look of our standard liner but yet offer more rigidity and strength. The choice is yours!


Pricing is inclusive of wood shell, shipping of shell to us from our supplier, labor for finishing and custom fabrication of UTA rings since wood shells are a non-common OD size.

10" Truss-Dobs:

12"/13.1" Truss-Dobs:

14"-16" Truss-Dobs:

18"-20" Truss-Dobs:





Powder-coated Aluminum Altitude Bearings

Upgrade the standard wooden altitude bearings included on all of our Truss-Dobs with our new Aluminum Altitude Bearings.   These bearings are designed in CAD, precision water-jet cut from 1/8" aluminum plate, professionally TIG welded (all welds are on the back so as not to detract from the look of these stunning bearings) and finished professionally with a baked-on powder coat.  All surfaces, front and back, are finished with "Sheen Black" while the outside radius, which rides on the Teflon pads of the altitude axis, is finished with a pebbled/textured finish very similar Ebony Star laminate. This process is exclusive to Teeter's Telescopes and provides a much longer lasting bearing surface than our standard wood bearings, as well as bearings from our competitors (yes, theirs are aluminum too but they still use laminate for their bearing surface, not a baked-on finish).  


Further, these bearings aren't the typical 180-degree half circles, they are each 182-degrees, allowing the hub for the Digital Setting Circle encoder plug directly on the bearing surface, rather than hanging off the top of the bearing (allowing for a more accurate and again, long lasting, installation). But, above all else, we think they look incredible, especially when combined with our Black Hardware package giving your scope a "Black Out" look! Hence these are listed under our "Aesthetic" category.  

10" Truss-Dobs:

12"/13.1" Truss-Dobs:

14"-16" Truss-Dobs:

18"-20" Truss-Dobs:

22" Truss-Dobs:



$550.00 All Apertures

Solid Brass Primary Cell Collimation Knobs

Add a little touch of style to your Teeter's Telescope by swapping out the standard "black wrinkle" finished collimation knobs on your primary mirror cell with these solid brass, knurled, collimation knobs.  Note, this is a completely aesthetic upgrade, these knobs function and feel the same as the standard black knobs. But they sure are eye-catching, each milled from a solid chunk of brass!

Truss-Dobs: $75.00


STS: $75.00

Custom Color Light Shroud

Add even more personalization to your new Teeter's Telescope by swapping out the included standard black light shroud for one of a different color.  Custom tailored by Shrouds by Heather, these Spandex shrouds are double-layered (black on the inside, color on the outside) and can be supplied in most primary colors and also in many patterns. Please inquire with specific requests.


Please note, some of our competitors also offer custom color Light Shrouds but theirs are not black on the inside, they're the same color inside and out. Unless the inside of your Light Shroud is black, you won't be getting the proper darkening of the light pathway that a shroud should be providing. For example, if your shroud is red outside AND inside then it's not the real thing and isn't doing what it needs to do.


Each shroud is custom fit to your exact Teeter's Telescope and creates a tight, form fitting, light-rejecting enclosure around the truss poles on the telescope. Unlike our competitors who use "kite material" that flaps in the breeze and always looks to be two sizes too big, our shrouds have what many people have called "that look where you just want to reach out and touch it."   Further, the Spandex material ours are made from absorbs any moisture in the air, holding it in the material, instead of the moisure laying on top of the shroud, pooling and potentially dripping onto your primary mirror and electronics as the telescope is pointed upward.  Simply allow the shroud to sit in the warming rays of the Sun the next morning and it'll dry quickly, never losing "that look...".

10" Truss-Dobs:

12.5"-15" Truss-Dobs:

16"-18" Truss-Dobs:

20"-22" Truss-Dobs:





Observing Aides

Filter Slide from AstroCrumb for 2" Filters

The 2" Filter Slide manufactured by AstroCrumb is THE filter slide system to compliment your Teeter's Telescope.  This allows you to quickly, and safely (no dropping filters on the ground or worse yet, onto your primary!), switch between your favorite filters like OIII, UHC and H-Beta (or Neutral Density, #80A and #25, for those of you Lunar/Planetary observers) simply by sliding each one into position.  Slide the OIII in and out to see that planetary nebula pop from the background or compare views between the UHC and OIII instantaneously.  You'll never look through your filters the same way again!


Your filters thread into matched metal threaded inserts in the slide itself, which then slides along a pair of rails affixed to the inner wall of your Upper Tube Assembly (UTA).   For those who observe from potentially dew conditions, the optional Omega Dew Terminator (ODT) is a highly recommended add-on. The ODT gently warms your filters, through a string of resistors, to keep them just above the dew point, clear and dry all night.  The Filter Slide comes fully installed and tested. 

Truss-Dobs (Filter Slide): $125.00

Truss-Dobs (ODT): $79.00



DGM Nebula Filters

If you are considering the purchase of the AstroCrumb 2" Filter Slide for your Teeter's Telescope, you should also consider outfitting it with the best in the world of Nebula Filters, those from DGM Optics!


DGM Narrow Band Pass (NBP) Filter, 2" Eyepieces - $150.00


The NPB is the ONE filter to have if you have just one, and now regarded as the top narrowband  (UHC type) filter in the world. Judged by renown astro-equipment author Phil Harrington as the best of nine leading competitors in the Astronomy Magazine review "Secret Weapons" (August 2005). With the NPB more objects show enhancement, than any other filter in it`s class. Bright nebula seem to be "switched on" with this top shelf filter designed by Dan McShane, Optical Thin Film expert and founder of DGM Optics. One observer described the NPB as a "UHC on steroids"! And, with ultra durable Ion Assisted Plasma Coating Technology used to produce your NPB Filter, it will provide decades of flawless performance.


DGM Very High Transmission (VHT) Filter, 2" Eyepieces - $140.00


The VHT is "mid-band" Nebula/LPR filter that is the perfect match for smaller scopes, or binoculars that can use filters. This filter provides a good balance between the NPB and GCE with regards to contrast vs. field background and star brightness. In addition to the VHT`s excellent visual performance it is also a very good astro-imaging filter with high H-Alpha transmission, and  transmission exceeding 90% from 486.1 to 501nm, which includes H-Beta and both Oxygen lines. As with all DGM filters, the durable Ion Assisted Plasma Coating Technology used to produce your filter ensures decades of high quality performance.


DGM Oxygen-III (O3) Filter, 2" Eyepieces - $170.00


The DGM Optics HPOIII is your perfect compliment to the NPB when you need a more aggressive Nebula filter that really shines with larger scopes. This filter has a bandwidth of approx. 15nm for those faint, elusive objects, but also has a feature that most other OIII filters don`t with high transmission at H-Alpha. For a visual OIII filter this is important as it provides a bit more "optical throughput" than leading competitors. As with all DGM Optics filters durable Ion Assisted Plasma Coating Technology ensures an ultra-hard, low scatter coating.

StellarVue Optical Finderscopes

Every Teeter's Telescope comes standard with a Zero-Power Reflex Finder (eg. Rigel QuickFinder or Telrad), but for those who plan to star-hop to find objects or who observe from more light-polluted areas, an optical finderscope is a great addition to aid in locating objects.  We have used many finderscopes over the years and have found the products from StellarVue to be among the best.   We offer all three sizes of finderscopes, including the 9x50mm, 10x60mm and 13x80mm.  All of which include matching mounting rings and dovetail bracket for quick install and removal from your Teeter's Telescope during transport.


Specifications from StellarVue include:


  • Fully multicoated doublet objective;

  • Fully multicoated correct image 90 degree erecting prism;

  • 1.25" helical focuser with rubberized grip;

  • High quality fully multicoated eyepiece with large eye lens, generous eye relief and a 50 degree AFOV (other 1.25" eyepieces may be used with this finder; think 24mm Panoptic to turn these finderscopes into Richfield Telescopes!);

  • Cross-hair reticle.  Both eyepiece and reticle may be focused independently;

  • Fully rotating back for comfortable placement of the eyepiece;

  • Add the optional Variable Brightness Illuminator to the included eyepiece to allow the cross-hairs to be more easily seen at night.

9x50mm with Mounting Rings & Install: $275.00


10x60mm with Mounting Rings & Install: $305.00


13x80mm with Mounting Rings & Install: $375.00


Variable Brightness Reticle Illuminator: $19.00

Howie Glatter Collimation Tools

The most important aspect to keeping your Teeter's Telescope functioning to its full potential is keeping it in perfect collimation.  We have been collimating Newtonian telescopes since 1996 and have used every collimation tool known to the amateur astronomy world, but the best we have found are those made by Howie Glatter.   


The Glatter tools are laser-based and are the most accurate tools on the market, as well as being the type which allows the quickest collimation process in the field.  Each tool is machined here in the USA, tested prior to shipment and carries a full satisfaction guarantee.   


Simply insert the laser collimator into your focuser, use the collimation knobs on your secondary holder to adjust the laser beam such that it lands directly in the center of the included CATSEYE "HotSpot" center-spot on your primary mirror; your secondary mirror is now collimated!  Next, remove the laser collimation and insert it into the Glatter tuBlug attachment and place both into your focuser.  Now, using the three collimation knobs on the back of your primary mirror, adjust the shadow of the same "HotSpot" until it lands in the center of the tuBlug attachment, which you can do by yourself while at the rear of your scope.  Now your primary is collimated, thus completing the collimation process!   Total duration?  Typically 2 minutes or less.  We find this method of collimation yields pinpoint stars and sharp/contrasty images at the eyepiece, even with our TT/Sub4 telescopes.   

Glatter 2" Laser Collimator (635nm High Brightness): $265.00


Glatter 2" tuBlug Attachment: $210.00

TeleGizmos Telescope Covers

If you plan on taking your new Teeter's Telescope out in the field for overnight observing sessions, you will certainly want to invest in a high quality cover.  Weather is unpredictable and while it may be clear at the end of your night of observing, a weather system can move in and bring showers after you've turned in and are asleep in your tent or RV, leaving your scope exposed to the rain.  Don't let that happen!  And, don't rely on one of those blue tarps held in place with bungee-cords!  Invest in a custom-fitted cover that fully protects your new telescope.  TeleGizmos as this to say about their covers:


"Our large truss Dob Cover series offer large Dob owners the best possible protection available in a scope cover. They provide superior rain and moister protection; they are not just water resistant. They are extremely tough and can provide years of service under normal use.


The TeleGizmos material performance is unaffected by wind, sun, sub-freezing temperatures or UV. The fully aluminized/poly exterior surface will keep your scope significantly cooler on hot summer days translating into much faster cool down times once the sun sets.


Designed to give the best possible fit, these covers have two main connected components: The main tube section is four connected tapered panels, the narrowest point starting at the UTA and then gradually widening to the point of attachment at the rocker box. The rocker section of the cover is boxed shape to conform the general shape of the rocker. All connection seam points are double lapped and micro-stitched. The resulting seam is highly resistant to moister penetration to assure your scope will stay dry under even the hardest rains."


Allow us to work with TeleGizmos directly to get them the exact dimensions off of your telescope that they need to ensure proper fit.   We can include your new cover at the same time you take delivery of your new Teeter's Telescope.

Prices vary depending upon aperture and focal length.  Please inquire.

Fitted Tube End Caps

Manufactured by "Shrouds by Heather," these Nylon fitted end caps reduce dust from entering the optical tube assembly (OTA) of your Solid Tube Series (STS) telescopes when stored and not in use.  They are also invaluable when it comes to preventing that "Ooops!" moment of potentially dropping something into the OTA when moving the telescope around. 


Every STS comes with one of these great end caps for the top of the OTA, but purchasing a second cap allows you to cap the bottom of the OTA, truly making it "dust tight."   


Or, purchase two of these for your Truss-Dob to cap both the top and bottom of your upper tube assembly (UTA), and when combined with our Light Shroud, you now have a dust-tight lightweight case for your UTA.  


Standard color is black, but others are available upon request. Please inquire for current stock and availability.

8", 10" and 11" STS: $25.00 each or $45.00 for a pair!


10" / 12.5" Truss-Dobs: $25.00 each or $45.00 for a pair!


13.1" / 14.5" / 15" Truss-Dobs: $30.00 each or $55.00 for a pair!


16" / 18" Truss-Dobs: $35.00 each or $65.00 for a pair!


20" / 22" Truss-Dobs: $40.00 each or $75.00 for a pair!

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