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Partners & Suppliers

Here at Teeter's Telescopes, we strive to only use components purchased from companies based in the United States. We believe it is of the utmost importance, especially at this point in history, to support American jobs and the American worker. The Amateur Astronomy "industry" is made up of a lot of garage and basement-based one-man operations and other small companies who employ 25 people or less.  It is those companies whom we gladly send our business to to have the various components in our telescopes fabricated.  Granted, not every component in our telescopes is American made but when possible we always select American.  For example, some of the small switches and other electrical devices we use are manufactured in China because no domestic version exists.  We also use the highest quality components in our telescopes, therefore the fans we use for our Dual Boundary Layer Cooling Fans and our Under-Primary Cooling Fans are designed and built in Germany.  Not American-made, but by far the best fans commercially available.  However, we do purchase them through an American distributor and thus are supporting that company and their workers here in the US.  


Further, unlike some of our competition, we employ a supply chain that is literally dozens of companies deep.  Rather than do a multitude of tasks in-house marginally well, we've elected to go out and sub-contract components (e.g. primary mirror cells, secondary mirror holders and spiders, focusers, finderscopes, truss connectors, etc.) and services (e.g. milling of our plywood components, powder coating of our aluminum parts, engraving of our brass name plates, etc.). This allows us to have those companies do what they do best (and thereby provide us a high quality product) so we can focus on the tasks that are most important to us and most important to providing a high quality product to the market. That includes telescope design, new product research and development, wood finishing, major assembly and final testing of our telescopes in the field to name a few of the tasks that remain in-house at Teeter's Telescopes.  


Below is a sampling of the many sub-contractors, suppliers and service companies with which we proudly work:

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